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Tuesday, September 27

Again with the Running and the Screaming

Here you go -- hot off the pixels.

Let me be the first to say I really like the room I have to play with in this new format.


Tuesday, September 20

Risky Business

Arrr-- Talk like a pirate day is over which means I am another year older. 34 years at last count. Hoopa! (...hoopa?)

Today's strip was drawn with a brand new set of Staedtler markers, given to me for my birthday by my good friend Nicky. They lay down a solid black line, but lack the 'bounce' of my Pigma Microns. Which is too bad as I use so many other staedtler products it would be cool to add them to my system.

I made it to the Firefly Min-Marathon in Kirkland over the weekend along with 300+ other Browncoats - It was a mighty fine shindig...

The next big Seattle Browncoats meet-up will be at the Meridian 16 on opening day. Serenity tickets are on sale now via Fandango. Folks here plan to saddle-up for the 7:30 show, but Eli and I will be in attendance for the 4:40, and 10:20 showings as well.
We have done the impossable - and that makes us mighty.

Tuesday, September 13

This Old House

A little late today - but still in under the wire. Browncoats can spot the nod to firefly in this weeks strip -- can you?

Tuesday, September 6

the 3 brides

I was talking with Aaron Williams about taking the strip in a new direction. I asked him what he thought it needed and he said "more slutty vampire chicks". I tell you... that man is a genius.