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Wednesday, December 28


Here is another "sketch". This one is of an Ancestor from Scott Siglers Podcast novel "Ancestor"

There might be some site interuptions in the next couple of days, KeenSpace - the folks that host me, changed thier name to ComicGensis and it has come time to jump to the new server. I'm thinking that I might take advantage of these to overhaul the site and make a few design changes -- When it's all done the new URL for the comic will be -- the Keenspace URL will just redirect you there.

Tuesday, December 20

Sneak Peek

I am drawing the next strip -- I swear. To tide you over till it's ready... here is a sketch fom yet another project. This is one I've been working on for a few years. You'll hear more about it when it is 100% done.

Wednesday, December 7

Death to Uni-taskers

Alton Brown's new re-designed site went live today and my shirt is on it. Go look at it's golden glory!

Tuesday, December 6

The REALY BIG news

I've made mention from time to time about some big news that I couldn't talk about just yet. Well I finally got the go-ahead.

I like to watch a show on the Food Network called "Good Eats". I'm a big fan of the show and it's host Alton Brown. I switched to kosher salt because of him. -- if you haven't seen it, do go catch a few. It's like cooking with Mr Wizard. His goal is not just to give you a recipe but to teach WHY it works -- the Science of cooking.

So - Last year I did a little cartoon inspired by the show and sent it to a few friends... who sent it to a few friends...etc...

and somewhere in that chain was Alton Brown himself.

Long story short -- I'm designing a new line of shirts for Foodie-Guru Alton Brown. Host of "Good Eats". The first shirts are back from the printers and should be going on sale next week.

The really weird thing about this all is I didn't go looking for the job... he came to me. It's unsettling.

This is not the image on the shirt... for that you will need to wait one more week, but I just couldn't not say anything any more.

Monday, December 5

Answering Criticism

Hey PNM - I'm sorry you feel that way. Mostly 'cause I half agree.

Trust me, while you may be pissed that I haven't updated the comic, I am far more pissed. Not updating affects me and what I think about myself a lot more than it probably affects you guys.

When I started, I had the time to do this thing. And it is still my intention to finish it. but people keep throwing money at me to work for them instead. (yeah I know - poor me)

I love doing the comic - but freelance art is my ONLY source of income. I don't have a day job. If I turn down art orders to work on free content for ArcaneTimes - I don't eat. And I like eating.

I HAVE been writing this sucker. I know what happens next. But until I can afford to work on this -- I can't afford to work on it.