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Friday, April 28

...and now a word from our sponser

At the risk of becoming Firefly centric or pissing off Scott Kurtz and all those fine folks at Think Geek -- I give you Mal Shot First

I made this for me -- but I thought you might guys might want one too.

While we are at it. Allow me to draw your attention to This Ebay Item! A copy of my very first Convention Sketchbook. Chock full of game art, sketches, strips, and other goodies. The winner will also get an original sketch of their choice in the inside cover.

Monday, April 24

The Window

OK -- here is the final color page. -- a big prize goes to the Anonymous commenter that managed to guess the EXACT joke I had written for the page.

Hmmm... Should I take that as a good thing -- that folks can follow my story just via the art?

Or should I be worried? Are my jokes lame and predictable?

To Mr. or Ms. Anonymous -- you can redeem your prize at the local traveling circus. Just hand over your wallet to the first carnie you see (for identifying purposes) and tell them the secret passphrase
"I'd Like What I Deserve, Please"

then close your eyes and count to ten. :)

Monday, April 10

...As You Know Bob

ok - big info-dump this time around, but it's important. This strip sets the concept from here on out, and is the whole basis for the redesign.

Gag-a-day jokes are a great way to show off and be funny, but I wanted... more. This gives me a much bigger sandlot to play in. It also helps me put some distance between Me and Alan.

Easily half my cast from the original strip was based on real people. I've learned that real people like being turned into cartoon characters. I've also learned that they then want to become very involved in the writing of those characters, and it can be troublesome to write around the things that might get me a "I wouldn't do that" phone call (not that anyone has done that -- it just becomes a worry that they might). Not to mention the people that get pissed because I didn't base a character on them. To sum up -- Real people are a lot of baggage.

So now I'm making up pure fiction. I'm drawing characters with only the slimmest idea of who or what they are. What's the story with the flaming green skeleton? No clue. You'll find out when I do.

Enjoy the ride.

Fogg House

Hey -- getting back on track. Hope you like.