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Friday, April 28

...and now a word from our sponser

At the risk of becoming Firefly centric or pissing off Scott Kurtz and all those fine folks at Think Geek -- I give you Mal Shot First

I made this for me -- but I thought you might guys might want one too.

While we are at it. Allow me to draw your attention to This Ebay Item! A copy of my very first Convention Sketchbook. Chock full of game art, sketches, strips, and other goodies. The winner will also get an original sketch of their choice in the inside cover.


SkipMagic said...

Heh. Excellent shirt. That needs to be produced to be sold.

Cheyenne said...

Oh but it is! Just follow the Mal Shot First link to my Cafepress store

Corgi said...

[checks 'Arcane Times' stats] Hmmm... have you considered adding your Buzzcomics button/votelink here as well? 437 and rising, better than the deep 600s or thereabout a fortnight ago!

BTW, /love/ the shirt. :D