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Monday, April 24

The Window

OK -- here is the final color page. -- a big prize goes to the Anonymous commenter that managed to guess the EXACT joke I had written for the page.

Hmmm... Should I take that as a good thing -- that folks can follow my story just via the art?

Or should I be worried? Are my jokes lame and predictable?

To Mr. or Ms. Anonymous -- you can redeem your prize at the local traveling circus. Just hand over your wallet to the first carnie you see (for identifying purposes) and tell them the secret passphrase
"I'd Like What I Deserve, Please"

then close your eyes and count to ten. :)


Corgi said...

Heeheehee - at least we know you've got good reasons to be otherwise colourised.

Frowbakk said...

I sense a Doctor Strange reference coming... I'm psychic that way (or is that psychotic?)

Kim from NYC said...


Either way, it's still awesome. That first panel is beautiful!

Tegan said...

It's cool to see art. Can't wait to see the finished version.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing of looking at it uncolored and unlettered is that you wonder just what it is that's making Alan so happy in that last panel.

I'd like to think that the house has a TV that picks up broadcasts from alternate dimensions, including one where Firefly didn't get cancelled.

Corgi said...

Back again.


OK, I'll be seething with the what-ifs over here in the corner for now....

Anonymous said...

Nope, wasn't predictable. Seriously, if I thought that was the joke you were setting up, I wouldn't have said anything, now I feel bad.

I just placed myself in Alan's shoes, and the three things that I thought of that would make me that happy would be a source of financial security, world peace, and a multidimensional tivo :-) The first two didn't feel right as a source of humor, so I went with the third.

Given the previous "two by two, hands of blue" strip, I didn't feel out of place suggesting the first series that died too young that came to mind.

And of course, you set up and delivered the line far better than I ever could have, thank you :-)

I think our sense of humors match up well enough, I'm a regular reader of all but one of the web comics you list, with Girl Genius being at the top of the list, and Arcane Times being tied for second with Goblins.

And why is your paypal donation link limited to a dollar? It's gonna be hard to fit even my limited wallet through that pipe :-)

Cheyenne said...

No Worries mate. Don't feel bad. I love the fact that people even read the thing.

Because you asked - i've updated the PayPal Donate button to allow folks to choose their own amounts