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Monday, June 27

The Bridge

Here is my opening page (a two page spread) from the start of my run on Girl Genius. 'The Bridge' will be the first page of the 5th collection. Weep at it's beauty. WEEP I TELL YOU!

New pages go up every MTF over at Girl Genius Online... so blame them for me being too tired to be funny... Wait, that's not fair.

I was never funny

Monday, June 13

so it begins...

I was going to get a new strip up for you guys today. NO REALLY!... but Eli snagged a pass for me to see "Batman Begins" tonight at the Cinerama. So... um... maybe next time.

In Other News: I have been tapped to be the new colorist for Girl Genius. My first page goes up on the website on June 27th (I belive). I have already finished the first 4 pages of what will be Girl Genius Collection 5. Wo0T i say.

Friday, June 3

oooOOO That Smell

I'm going camping this weekend. Apparently there will be some sort of massive "event" where people hit each other with sticks going on at the same time. I however am not going to take part in the stick hitting or, in turn, the being hit by same said sticks. Nor do I intend to acknowlge the presence of such activity.
will be

Other News: Super big thanks To Sean and Erin for being so cool and making sure I got a seat in the May 26th screening of "Serenity". Thank you guy. You are the best.