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Friday, June 3

oooOOO That Smell

I'm going camping this weekend. Apparently there will be some sort of massive "event" where people hit each other with sticks going on at the same time. I however am not going to take part in the stick hitting or, in turn, the being hit by same said sticks. Nor do I intend to acknowlge the presence of such activity.
will be

Other News: Super big thanks To Sean and Erin for being so cool and making sure I got a seat in the May 26th screening of "Serenity". Thank you guy. You are the best.


Sean said...

Woo! I got a thank you! :p

And don't knock hitting people with sticks until you try it! I find it incredibly theraputic.

banzai said...

Do I get to pick which people I hit and which sticks I get to hit them with?

Mike K said...

Sounds like an SCA event...

Glad you got to see Serenity (we drove 6 hours to RI to see it)