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Monday, December 5

Answering Criticism

Hey PNM - I'm sorry you feel that way. Mostly 'cause I half agree.

Trust me, while you may be pissed that I haven't updated the comic, I am far more pissed. Not updating affects me and what I think about myself a lot more than it probably affects you guys.

When I started, I had the time to do this thing. And it is still my intention to finish it. but people keep throwing money at me to work for them instead. (yeah I know - poor me)

I love doing the comic - but freelance art is my ONLY source of income. I don't have a day job. If I turn down art orders to work on free content for ArcaneTimes - I don't eat. And I like eating.

I HAVE been writing this sucker. I know what happens next. But until I can afford to work on this -- I can't afford to work on it.


Anonymous said...

That's okay, we'll keep checking in!


Anonymous said...

Yeesh, what a loser. PNM must be one of the unwashed internet freaks whose very existance revolves around web comics. I am happy that you do have a job, and that one day `soon` you will be telling the story of Alan, Lex, and Mouseferatu.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Cheyenne....don't justify yourself to people like PNM. At the very least its just an ignorant troll trying to push a few buttons, or its a jerk who thinks they're somehow entitled to read free comics on the web.

Do what you gotta do, then get back to Arcane Times when you can. I'm sure most of us check in on a daily basis extra couple of seconds during the day to see if anything has changed doesn't kill anyone.

PNM said...

Ahem, I am not a loser, and I am not an unwashed internet freak.
I am busy with schoolwork, readings, and writing papers most of the time. I take some time out of my day to enjoy some webcomics and i do like Arcane Times, but I am simnply tierd of a lack of updates. if you choose to start a serial webcomic, it is your responsability to update at least semi-regularly, if you can't do that then stop doing it. Either that or come up with some filler at least.