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Tuesday, March 21

He's Baaaack!

Howdy all. ...So, um how you been?

good good... glad to hear it - mmm? oh me, I've been good. A little of this a little of that... you know. I'm still coloring for Girl Genius of course, in fact the fourth collection has finally arrived from the printers and should be hitting stores real soon soon.

It was a great relief to finally see the backup story "Fan Fiction" in the flesh - so to speak. I had been really worried about how the colors were going to come out. It looks good and I'm very happy with it.

Which is great because that means we will have them on the table at Emerald City Comic Con. Where I'll also have my very first convention sketchbook "I Think We Lost 'Em" - for sale.

I took a trip to NYC for the New York Comic Con -- which... had some issues *rimshot* But I got to meet a bunch of cool people like Kyle Baker , Jodi Jett and the lovely folks at Sequart .

I also got to meet some really great fans -- FAN'S!! of My comic! How cool is that! (Hi Kim!). It was very unexpected and a great treat.

I figure that if you read this strip you probably read GG as well, but if you don't -- You probably missed that I've put together an old time radio podcast out of the live performances we do at sci-fi cons. You can learn more and subscribe to the feed HERE. We've received a lot of good feedback on the show, some mentions by some of the cooler cats out there like Escape Pod and the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas -- both of which I recommend listening to...

Podcasting is a hoot and I'm looking forward to doing more of it, as soon as I can find a good gimmick.

So... let's see... New GG trade, Emerald City Con, Sketchbook, Fans are cool, Podcasting is fun... yeah, that about covers it.

...Oh wait -- I'm getting Married. -- TTFN


JC from NC said...

Well, congratulations!

Is the (un:))lucky lady the RL counterpart to Alex?

I remember what a source of stress wedding planning was like, and what a huge drain of time it was, but I would still like to see a new strip before the end of spring, let's say. :)

Hey, even if you only updated once a quarter, that would still be a regular update, yes?

Cheyenne said...

the missus-to-be is in fact the RL Lex. as for the comic... There will be a new strip tonight at midnight -- if this dang thing works the way it's supposed to

Relapse said...

Congratulations to the pair of you. Virtual wedding gifts to you both.

Lauren Tozer-Kilts said...

w00t! Last night Shel and I celebrated our 8th, so I have nothing more than to wish you all of the happiness we've had.

Random Walk Writer said...

Congratulations! May your marriage be as happy as mine and my husband's.

And yay! So happy to see a new strip up finally. :D

JC from NC said...

Wowie-zowie! :) I never knew my requests could get such prompt response -- maybe I should be asking my boss for a raise.

Yay for new Arcane goodness! Yay for real-life romance! Yay for new GG collection (although I haven't ordered mine yet, bad me)!

Life am good.

Anonymous said...

Married!?? Congrats. Been married 13 yrs. The happiest moment was when it was over and we could party. Thanks for the updated comic. Keep on doing a fantastic job over at G.G. Your brains will be poorly set jello untill about 2mo. after the wedding. Have Fun.

Kim from NYC said...

Wow! Congratulations! I wish the both of you the absolute best!

And an additional huzzah for the new comic!

(P.S... I know you're super busy, but any chance you've gotten to listen to the CD yet? Maybe? ;) )

Jamie Saxton said...

Congratulations,once again! Happiness all around!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both. I love the coloring on GG and all the Arcane we can get. You do good work. :)
SC from NC (yes - I am married to that demanding fellow JC from NC ...17 yrs)