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Friday, May 12

Chapter Two -- In Color!

OK -- the full color version of the Chapter Two pin-up should be visible. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

yes.. those pesky magical rockets.
hey, maybe they're magic missiles! yeah, that's the ticket.

Corgi said...

Woo! Gorgeous. I really like that spatter-background effect you've been using; I've noticed it on GG a lot (just because I notice things like that).

Still wanna know what font that is, though. *grin*

Cerrberus said...

Yowsa! My comment to keep you wanting to update.8>)


Anders Olsson said...

Ohh, I love the flames! They've got a real cartonish feel to them. And I agree with Corgi, I to want to know what the font is.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but how to make the Magical Gauntlet represent a Firefly Episode?

Sea Change

Anonymous said...

The arrow on the bottom looks like the ship Mal passed up when he bought Serenity... You know, the one that the sales man was trying to sale him from the junkyard like dealership in the flash-back episode “Out of Gas”.