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Tuesday, May 23


*** Cue Dramatic Music ***

The all new ArcaneTimes website is up and running (mostly) -- We are on a new server with a new look and I am very exicted about it all.

Special thanks to the Rampage Network for all the work it took to get this up and running. Right now i'm redesigning of the CafePress Store so if anything you wanted was missing give it a few days and I'll have it back up.

I'm also working on thinking up some new designs for stuff -- so if you have any requests lay them on me over at the brand NEW Forums and I'll put them on the to-do list


Anonymous said...

Dah dah DAHHH!


Corgi said...

Thank you, dear cartoonist. The thick plottens.

[pokes Elderwyrm to get a Blogger account so ke can sign things respectably]

Scoot said...

Great work Mr Wright, keep it up. Anyone else notice the Excalibur reference?

Anonymous said...

I have an account, but I locked myself out of it.....


Corgi said...

Hooray, colour! Still loving that dapple/spatter background effect.

Oho - now see what a difference colour can make? I didn't realise that was a scrying device in the bottom panel(s) until just now.

[frowns] Why is the comic slipping at TWC? This is Not Good.

Corgi said...
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