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Monday, May 22

... only so many hours in a day

I thought I'd get this in early -- I 've got a great strip for you guys, however, I'm finally pulling ahead on Girl Genius and I want to stay ahead.

-- Add to that some passes to see X-Men 3 tonight and I just don't think I can get this sucker inked and lettered today.

So you are getting it tommorow.

---- X-Men Update -----

Well I'm back from the film. So a short review is in order...

It's much darker, with a real high body count. I was quite supprised -- oh!... and stay though the credits :)


Anonymous said...

W00t to the X-Men!


Corgi said...

Oh maaaaan... [envy]. I wanna go see the movie!

Anonymous said...

Yup, enjoy, don't worry about us, we can be self-entertaining if we HAVE to :-)

Little Kenny said...

You mean you don't always stay through the credits? If for no other reason to let all the rest of the yahoos get the heck out of the freakin' way.