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Monday, April 18


Today's strip was written by Phil Foglio. Phil and I were at a tiny little Game con two weeks ago, and there was very little to do - so we talked a great deal about things that nomally never come up in day-to-day work related conversation. Like the "Gag-a-Day" review. I don't know why, but something about calling the strip a "Gag-A-Day" bugs me. It is! I'm not saying it's not. I just wish that style of comic had a better name.

Anyway Phil and Kaja's Not-A-Gag-A-Day webcomic went live today.

P.S. Does anybody know a good cel-phone company? I'm going to make the jump to the 20th century and get a pair for Eli and I. But I am in mortal fear of picking the wrong company. Any Thoughts?


Evil Dr. Tozer said...


My minion and I think that all cell phones companies suck. However, we think Cingular is the least suckiful. Mostly because they haven't screwed us yet.

-E. Dr. T.

JC from NC said...

I had Sprint and it was fine -- great coverage, good value (this was 3 to 5 years ago), decent phones. Then something went wrong and I had to deal with their customer (non-)service. Not so fine. Pretty freakin' awful, in fact.

Now I have Cingular, which has pretty good coverage, nice phones, and seems to be a good value... but mostly I have it because I got it at a discount thru my employees' association.

banzai said...

I had Sprint for a couple of years. The had all kinds of updates to the phones that would have made mine work much better but they never told me about them. So I finally got fed up with it and left. Of course they wanted to know why I left and then telling me I could have updated did nothing but confirm their lameness (lame-osity?).

I have T-Mobile now and while they're a bit better it's not enough to make me want to stay. I'm still with them through inertia since I haven't found one I liked better (yet).

I did read several Consumer Reports pieces about cell phone service and the highest rated one (I think it may have been Cingular but I don't recall for sure) is still only in the low 70s. A strange thing since nearly everything else they rate hits the 90s. So basically their conclusion is cell phone service sucks. My experience validates it for me.

So look for a deal where you get the good end of the stick until you get fed up with it. Coverage where you live is one plus, as is free nationwide if your family lives somewhere else. Minutes between your phones so calls to her don't count on your total. Things like that.

Jamie said...

FYI: "aknowledges" should be spelled "acknowledges". :)

Jamie said...

My wife and I use Sprint. Neither of us use our phones much--they are primarily for emergencies, so plans with lots of minutes were not necessary. We also don't get unlimited minutes between our phones, but we could add that for $5/month (I think). We did pay to get night & weekend minutes starting at 7PM (an extra $5/month) so we could call friends and family who are not local at reasonable hours without paying long distance.

Jamie said...

Addendum to my FYI: I was showing my wife the comic and she pointed out that "aknowledge's" should be "acknowledges"--add a "c" and remove the apostrophe. :)

Michelle said...

One important thing to look at what kind of phone recepition do you have where you live. Here T-Moble or Cingular would be bad because they have very few cell towers making it had to get a signal.

Some places will allow you to try there service for a few weeks.

The other think to consider is what your frends and family have.

JC from NC said...

I have to agree with most of the comments I've seen here since my last one -- all cell phones suck, pick the one that sucks least for you. I have no idea what kind of coverage Cingular has in your area -- the east coast is pretty nicely covered, at least in most metro areas -- but please, please, please stay away from radio phones like Nextel. I really hate those things, and I like you. Or at least your comic. :)

mathea said...

I spotted an article in Consumer Reports a few months ago (I think the February issue) that surveyed people in 17 different major metropolitan areas, and in *all* of the cities, Verizon came out on top. I've had Verizon prepaid for a few years, and recently switched to a monthly plan. So far, so good, even if they did ship the new phone without the programming, which was easily fixed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Evil Dr. Tozer. It was a long time before I got a leash and I still don't like it, but when your wife is a teacher, and she says that she needs one and that a second one would only be $10 more (and she lets you get the ultra cool one with all the bells and whistles), you take one for the team.
We started out with AT&T but that was right before they teamed up with Cingular and I haven't noticed any drop in proformance and the coverage area is really good.