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Saturday, April 9

Must... Kill... Girlfriend...

Writer's block is so frustrating it goes around the bend, and cracks funny on the back of the skull with a whiskey bottle.

I really was up at 3 am that morning trying to write ANYTHING. It's so disheartning to just sit there staring at a blank page. And oddly, it's not for lack of ideas... I have many ideas for things that I'd like to do with my comic. But when it comes time to sit down and put pen to paper... Nothin'. GRRRR!

Then comes the doubt. "Did I use up all the funny?"... "was I EVER funny?", it's around this point I reach for the afore mentioned Whiskey bottle. ahhh... Whiskey, you make everyone funny.

In other news. Like the new site design? I felt it was time to streamline it a touch. Let me know what you think guys...


Anonymous said...

Like the new design - it took me 3 months to realize you actually HAD a separate news page on the old design... But that probably says more about me than about the old design. ^^!


banzai said...

Hey dude. For my part you were terribly funny. Enough for me to put a link on my blog with all the other comics I read daily so I won't forget.

Since I don't write regularily I can't offer any advice on block and how to break it but it'll come.

Anonymous said...

The Mystery of inspiration

Most times we are it's B*t*H, suffering for those brief moments of inspired lunacy/genius. But those times are truly beautiful.
On the plus side - You rock dude!