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Thursday, April 14

Ripped From the Headlines

I watch Law & Order allot. It is the show of choice at Casa' Arcana. Mostly because there is always a version on at any given moment. What with Law & Order SVU, or Criminal Intent (which features Eli's TV boyfriend Vincent D'Onofrio), Trial by Jury... and of course Classic L&O.

anyways this strip is inspired by my constant viewing of this show and is topical to boot!
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) - People in Florida will be allowed to kill in self-defense on the street without trying to flee under a new law passed by state politicians on Tuesday that critics say will bring a Wild West mentality and innocent deaths.

The "Stand Your Ground" bill passed the Senate last week on a 39-0 vote and now goes to Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, who indicated he will sign it. -- More Here


Michelle said...

Is that Wil Wheaton on the TV Guide?

Cheyenne said...

Yep -sure is.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheyenne, do you watch any CSI to go with your L&O? The "Miami Justice" made me think of it. I watch CSI: Miami, mostly just to laugh at David Caruso. It's great good fun to count how many times per episode he will take off his shades, strike a pose and proclaim "Murder!" ;-)

Cheyenne said...

I have not seen CSI: Miami or the New York one. I have seen 4 of the Las Vegas ones however.

The pilot, the one where they go to a Furry convention, one where everyone is getting their work perfomance review... and of course the Wil Wheaton episode.

All and all it looked like a good show. I just haven't got sucked into it's gravity well just yet. Other things like art deadlines have given me just enough push to escape for another orbit.

Skiv said...

but why is ww on the tv guide? subliminal messages perhaps???

Cheyenne said...

Mostly because I wanted to.

That and I figured little easter-eggs would add an extra bit of funny.

... it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wait... so you are saying you think it's a better idea for me to run away rather than defend my home and family if someone breaks in? That sounds like a plan that plays right into the criminals' hands. To me, this kind of law is a good idea. It prevents those ridiculous cases where somebody breaks into your home and threatens you, so you fire on them then get sued by their family for it.

banzai said...

Putting guns in the hands of people not trained to use then is seldom a good idea.

But the strip is PDF (pretty damn funny).

I used to watch CSI:Miami occasionally but mostly for Emily Proctor. mmmm

Cheyenne said...

it's not the "if someone breaks in" part that gets me. They extend the "Stand Your Ground" defence to ANY PUBLIC PLACE! A bar, the street, Disneyland!?! As long as you say you "think" he was going to hurt you, You can KILL THEM?

JC from NC said...

I don't think anyone has a problem with defending your home, but like Cheyenne points out, the new law extends it to any damn place you feel threatened! Someone I know painted the scenario of a crowded park during a event (say, an outdoor concert) when a car backfires... one bozo with a gun thinks he hears someone shooting and pops a few rounds off in the general area the sound came from because he "felt threatened", the next not-so-bozo-but-still-pretty-bozo sees someone with a gun firing into a crowd and starts shooting because he definately feels threatened... at the end you could end up with several dead/wounded people over a car backfiring.

Sure, it takes it to a somewhat ludicrous level, but given the way the law is written, it's not that unbelievable an outcome.

banzai said...

I can see that happening. Mostly because people (in crowds) are so often MUPO (morons until proven otherwise).