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Monday, April 11

Pain is Funny

Whenever I'm at a games store or convention, I can't resist the urge to look for stuff I did art for. Sometimes it's well displayed and I am happy. I get a giddy little feeling in my stomach. "I did that" I want to say. "Look! ... That's my name!" - Luckly I have some self control and can often resist the urge. Try and play it cool.

The flip-side to this adrena-pride however is the bargin bin. I approch these like a 7 year old child taken to an open casket funeral. Fear and dread dripping from my bones.


banzai said...

Hey, game books are always going to end up on the bargain bin eventually. It's a feature of American Business.

But it's still exposure.

Nowadays I'll look inside the cover to see who did the art, the layout, who wrote it before I even start thumbing through it to see if I like it. Once you know some names you start looking for them and when you find people who do good work you (I do anyway) tend to try new games just because they worked on it.

Alex Solomon said...

Also, never underestimate the power of the follow-up. case in point....I found an old copy of Mythadventures in the bargain section at a bookstore one day.....10 years later, I'm a drooling Foglio fanatic. While thumbing through the Foglio archives, I came across imention of you, which led to this I have it bookmarked and check for updates every week. In other's all good ^_^